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  16. (Accessibility compliant)
    ■ Option to enable samples-skipping (HTML-format rip/merge menu)
    ■ Option to delete the unpowered tracks from the CD and rip them to a separate output folder (optional)
    Since its first release in 2002, CDDA Ripper XP has gained numerous new features from its beta development stage and has become a stable C#-based audio cd and CDDB ripper with the latest features not available in commercial rippers
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    Password Manager – Get Simple and Convenient Privacy, Access and Lock – Get Simple and Convenient Privacy, Access and Lock… Password Assistant is a professional password manager, secure password manager…
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    GD Mega Locker – Keep all your Cryptic Online Account Data Safe! – GD
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  20. The opened tabs are given their own names and can be accessed using them. For instance, the Notepad debug tab is named «Notepad» and will always be at the top of the list if you have opened more than one Notepad instance at a time. Apart from that, it’s easy to use and provides a lot of customizing options. An ability to pause position saving in case the app doesn’t detect a compatible Notepad version is a nice add-on, allowing you to use
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  21. Tenorshare Photo Recovery’s User Interface

    One of the issues that many users face quite often when it comes to multimedia files saved on the computer or on other devices is data corruption, which usually results in photos, videos or music files being lost.
    There are many tools that can help users in such situations, allowing them to recover the lost files, and Tenorshare Photo Recovery is one of them.
    Simple, intuitive interface
    The application comes with an easy-to-
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    This guide works best with 1.6 or later. Before using this guide you should know the basics of how to use and install a Paint.NET plugin. For more detailed information on these topics, see the basics of using a Paint.NET plugin.

    Using this plugin
    The Effect Tab of the PintMenu allows you to draw a customized button at mouse position in case you do not have a suitable button predefined. Note: If you need an already defined button,
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  23. While it seems very simple to use, you actually have to consider a few of these minimalistic but indispensable features in order to reach the target.

    The sort of article you could encounter in the Print Spooler Fixer Portable reviews is the fact that just taking note of the software will prevent you from experiencing a particular issue and therefore, you need to pay more attention to the small numbers on the bottom-left of the software’s window.

    Hello, my friends. I hope you
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  24. PHP Projects Pack is a collection of ready-to-use, professional business-ready WordPress themes inspired by the popular magazine projects. The themes are proposed in different areas such as business-projects, products, blogs, and home projects.
    One of the important things you should take into account before purchasing any theme is that the pack is exclusive and compatible with WordPress 3.0 and above. The themes are compatible with the latest features, such as Custom Menu and Revolution Slider.
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  25. As soon as you installed it, you will enjoy the beauty of nature in the everyday life.
    You can also change the desktop color to match it to your wallpaper.
    Last but not least, don’t forget to rate the theme if you like it. Here is the preview of the desktop:

    Install MyDims Movie Theme 4.1



    MyDims Movie Theme 4.1

    File size

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  26. If you are looking for a cool colour tool, Color Schemes is definitely worth a try.

    Archive |
    News Feed

    About a month ago, we reported on a computer virus, called Ransomware. It is highly complex, works via a worm-like mechanism, and is more than just a virus…

    What Is The Appeal of P2P Software?

    Many of us do not use PP2P, torrents or a P2P
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  27. Thanks,
    MCAT mailing list

    WPF ListView – how to prevent selection of items and background colour

    My application has a ListView with a DataTemplate that has an Image control and some TextBlock. When the application first starts, the ListView shows the correct items (image/text) as the
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    Based on all the information provided in this review, Black Bird Registry Cleaner can be defined as a utility designed to improve and, above all, save your Windows experience. A deep scan mode is offered along with an intuitive user interface, which ensures that the end user would not feel at a loss while using the application.
    But if you are in need of a profound registry cleaner, you are better off going for programs like RegSavy or CleanUp and Restore.
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    Download Laptop Support Because the speed of your computer has a positive impact on your enjoyment of entertainment and gaming, we have investigated many
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  30. If you want only to quickly learn about a file’s attributes without the need to command-line it, get in touch with PeInfo. It can be used in two manners:

    Additional scope – it instantly launches the utility for inspection when imported into the autocomplete list.
    Core window – from full scope, PeInfo opens a subset in its own program (which isn’t a console).

    Evaluate PeInfo from the company’s official website

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    The awesome little monkeys were great fun but I am afraid I borrowed and lost them. With that being said, I would not buy another set.

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  32. Explorer(DHCP, PTP, FTP, NSS and File sharing)
    ■ Context-based Window
    ■ Fuctionality can be enhanced by composing partial code in C and C++ (Need…)
    ■ GPL License
    ■ Ability to upload your framework code back to developer’s server, use a server locally or post to the server.
    ■ Ability to download framework code to your computer/server
    ■ Ability to register a
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  33. It works out of the box, and if it doesn’t meet your expectations you can find many useful tutorials for you to develop your skills.Airborne-YouTube

    Found a hot air balloon pilot?

    You probably have.

    Online communication has gone through a rapid evolution in the last three decades. Social media is now commonplace, and the internet has allowed many communities to emerge. Security, safety, and legal compliance have a role to play in many of these communities.
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  34. Microsoft XECLA 2003 Security Suite releases

    Digital Multi-Choice Limited (DMCL), a point of sale (PoS) systems designer and manufacturer, released a new version of its security suite known as E-INFOSECURE XECLA 2003 for XEMCA04 (Electronic Multichoice Ac…

    published: 02 Jun 2006

    The benefits of using Digital Signatures – Let’s look at the issues around forced Windows client software updates and the problems
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  35. Furthermore, you can create sub-pages and add content to your pages from the custom toolbar. You also have the option to add a sidebar with groupings of topics, which can make your note pages more focused.
    OutWiker is designed to provide you with the tools you need for creating, organizing, and maintaining structured notes and pages. Thanks to its built-in Help it is also easy to get started with the application and share your knowledge with others.
    Multi-user access and
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  37. The software tool comes without cost, Windows platform. It has a free trial version which you can use for a period of 30 days.
    Free download of Screen Video Recorder 5.2, size 18.68 Mb.

    RasTastic Utilities 2.0
    RasTastic Utilities is a set of tools that allow you to fully customize Windows XP. With this program you can make your operating system any way you desire. You can change the system clock to display the time
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  38. The application is designed to ease content creation.

    PixelDBI is the fastest database GUI application for Microsoft Windows. It is a cross-platform database application that features native GUI. Many of the common requirements related to databases are better implemented with this tool.

    Designed to empower the user, with MOSRAM2 BD-R (Reversible) the consumer now can enjoy two years of continuous Blu-ray recording with no degradation in image quality. MOSRAM2 BD-R
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  39. The Plugin Requirements
    Before you download the.dll, you will need the framework 2.0 (one of the SDK’s) available on their website.
    According to the developers, the plugin depends on the text document encoding, but not on any other source available on Notepad++’s website. We are not sure if this latter assumption has any truth to it, so you will just have to try the plugin yourself to see if there are any restrictions.
    Any comp
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  40. ParMa was written to solve the problem of managing model parameter settings for ABM ant.

    Shortly after completion, ParMa was refactored, and a new version was released.
    In early July 2014, ParMa was released as open-source.

    ParMa Features
    The features of ParMa:
    (ABM Ant) can handle complex parameter dependencies, such as complex chains.
    Sets up model parameter values at both run-time and compile-time
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    HFCultures is an easy-to-use and feature-rich application that allows the members of a group to post images to the same Facebook account and share those images with all other members of the group. This
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  43. iDVD Version 3.0 is the ultimate tool for creating professional quality DVDs. Save time by letting iDVD speak for you. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to organize, create and publish your videos and photo slideshows.

    Document Setter for iOS is a professional document converter that lets you batch convert the most common MS Office documents to PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF and other popular formats for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows PC, Mac
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  44. For a free download, don’t miss our review of ‘HARUNA’ for PC – it’s a safe and clever way to restore missing tracks and organise your library.

    Faster and more precise ways to work on your PC with software able to help you
    We all need to work on our PC every now and then. Sometimes, it’s to restore functionality or carry out repairs, and then we may wish there was an assistant that
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  45. A notable example of a 0-day vulnerability discovered with this application is the PHP Server Extension (PSE) vulnerable «magic quotes» vulnerability discovered in 2008 by kriskowal.

    A vulnerable system is one that has been configured to serve publicly-accessible directories such as «/» or «/files», without first protecting them from directory-traversal attacks. Such attacks can lead to arbitrary file-system access if a bug permits attackers to open a directory with desired privileges.
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  46. Configure your FTP and other settings using the local interface
    The Personal FTP Server by Universal Terminal has an easy to use interface, which enables it to be easily managed. You can navigate the program using the remote interface or by using the tabs that are present on the main window.
    Note that the software needs a modest quantity of system resources, has reasonable response time, is quite fast at completing a task and records moderate quality of sound and image. You may create multiple profiles, set up different
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  47. Khayalan GIFShot is available for a modest cost of just $7.99, and is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

    This is a short and fresh introduction to how to effectively use the Timeline feature in the After Effects CC 2015.
    In this tutorial we will be using the onion skin feature together with scripting and instant action animation.This is a free tutorial and is suitable for intermediate and advanced After Effects users. This tutorial requires CC 2015.
    View our other
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  48. Winware is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation, nor is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.










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    USB Desktop
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  49. It works by connecting small OFF clients (smartphones, tablets, webcams, etc.) via ad-hoc wireless networks where a ‘ringmaster’ broadcasts the digital data on a broadband wireless network.
    Sharing data securely and with a minimum of effort. You don’t need to worry about security — that’s taken care of by the OFF system.
    The system cannot be hacked or taken over, and can be easily secured against theft. Under specific circumstances,’miners’
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  50. Q:

    Should I use Datspec to test a legacy model I built previously?

    So we went on a short mission recently to rebuild a mobile app, from scratch, from scratch. We were working on a legacy model that was partially built from an old game, all components, components and data grids working well, all media, views, web services are all working in the legacy app. The legacy app was built in.NET, this project is also in.NET,
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  51. Get 3 pages PDF from page 12 to 24 of a 36 pages Indesign document. 5*5″
    Use the Numbering function to add a unique label on a specific page of your document. Advanced versions allow to assign custom legends, plus add automatic numbering on previous and following pages.
    Copy Page Number on a specific page of your document.
    Select a page, based on its page number if you want to select from
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  52. This version of WindowFX costs $49.99 and can be downloaded here.
    Click here to visit the web site of WindowFX.

    One thing Apple didn’t foresee when developing its operating system (OS), is the dependence some users have on the use of a mouse.
    Now one of the companies that makes mice for Apple fans is looking to fill this need, and it’s time to choose from a few different products that will do just that.
    Coolermouse takes four
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  53. This finance application has the capability to arrange the elements of every invoice format in categories and settings. Aside from that, it also supports other exchange rates for the items in your application as it makes possible for you to manage prices up to 2 decimal points.
    Additionally, the app provides for you a bill reminder when it is about to be due, which gives you a chance to keep up with all the financial transactions within your company even when you are on the go. In a nutshell, HDPOS
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  54. I know you’ve already heard about it, but if you have not, I will tell you what I know about iOS, specifically, those that are using iPod Touch and those who are running iOS 4.

    Sidebar Design

    iOS 4 addresses all the bugs that people have been complaining about with UI design specifically with the new sidebar design. As many of you are already excitedly remembering, the previous version of the iOS used
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  55. A hybrid vehicle (SAE Hybrid system) driven by electric power of a motor and a fuel engine, and a multivehicle (System for Assisting Automobile Drive traveling Electric Vehicle (SATEV)-V2X) autonomously driving a vehicle to travel by receiving road information from other vehicles (cars) are proposed. The hybrid vehicle includes a power generator that is driven by the fuel engine and generates power by regenerative braking, a first battery that receives and accumulates the power
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  56. For example, the aforementioned coordinates of a survey can be generalized to create a cartogram. For example, a survey of 100 respondents who live along a coastline can be generalized to 100 pies along a coast, which in turn allows the app to make simple the more complex option. Basically, the app can allow the user to create a faithful representation of the data onto the map. The Grammar of Graphics has gone through several updates since its release in 2015. For example, the app has gone through a redesign to help users create beautiful graphics with ease.
    The app is currently available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Since 2015, the
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  57. When you have hit upon the idea to use this SharePoint component, it should be noted that the default settings will include fields that are linked directly to the user, although that fact cannot be disabled.
    When you have the necessary data collected, you can use it to format a thorough report that will display all of the most relevant information. Considering the fact that the SharePoint component will support the importation of more than 200 user properties, you would come across tons of room for your own possible
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  58. Other programs that users may find interesting
    Frostwire4This program allows you to download and search for music and video files on the Internet.
    The Simple ScanThe simple scan image viewer generates previews of scanned documents.
    Video viewersVLCThe VideoLAN x.Org project offers the best multimedia player with multiple media formats and a lot of features.
    LibavLibav is the best free multimedia player available.

    If you were among those thinking that «free doesn’t always mean
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  59. for HTML files
    ■ Create new web projects by name
    ■ Copy and paste objects
    ■ Protect the content on the webpages
    ■ Move objects in the panel (Update Update Tab)
    ■ Move objects between projects (Update Project Button)
    ■ You can use Shift+Click Select to quickly select an element in the panel.
    ■ Hypertext Builder files (.HTB) are XML files.
    You can edit the
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  60. When it comes to the features of the «Advanced Data Generator for Firebird», we cannot be less than mentioning that there is a huge number of data generation styles and options: from «Single Line/Matches» to «Batch mode» (used when you want to generate millions of rows of data for entering into the database). Advanced Data Generator for Firebird is able to create detailed data and send it to Excel, CSV, or some other format of your choice.
    The «Advanced
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  61. ■ Skip intermediate tracking via redirect pages or page caching.
    «Stuffed Tracker» can be used in the best conditions if you own and operate a large and complex website.
    All of the included features that make «Stuffed Tracker» to be the most reliable and cost-efficient quality traffic monitoring software in its price class.

    For the best impression at the first sight, «Stuffed Tracker» has its own distinctive, uncluttered and easy-to-read and
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  62. and then $29.99
    ■ Designed for Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 or newer computers with physical/visual displays that are 96 pixels wide by 96 pixels high (16:9)
    ■ VGA/DVI/HDMI video output resolution is required
    ■ Size of your computer screen must be at least 110 x 70 inches to play the game
    ■ Rows and columns must be formatted as in the image below

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  63. Lately, mastering managing preferences has become increasingly important. A lot of customizable programs and utilities are made for this, but for some reason or another, they end up not being as user-friendly as they should be.
    A file size counter is certainly not a thing that you would put away easily. But it is one of the features we can appreciate the most in Sleuth Disk Cleaner, a free application that offers to provide a real-time monitor of files and registry keys, allowing
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  64. This app is free, and it is a great way to significantly increase your reading speed. When you’ve finished with the document, you can easily share it in a variety of formats, and you can even follow YouTube tutorials and see how others use the application.

    Urban Camera takes self-portraits of iPhone and iPad users and uses a set of social-networking techniques to create a 360-degree panorama of participants’ faces. There is a minimalistic UI with the overall focus
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  65. MultiShow is available for download from SourceForge:

    You may also wish to try a plug-in for it from

    Release notes –

    Good luck,


    VLC J is a port
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  66. LibOVR is based on COM, and it has a few limitations. It has no support for the MFC. Also, when building it, you have to avoid installing any Microsoft components because, otherwise, some of its components could trigger integration faults.

    Latest documentation


    Posted at 3/19/2015 by ddeaper

    Re: Develop C++ for Unreal Engine 4?

    Oculus Runtime

    Posted at 11/16/2010 by d
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  67. On Xbox 360 and Windows XP, you can get Read all about it.

    When you view the Login Sign Up dialog, the browser tab closes. If you already have an account, enter your username and password.

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  101. Besides viewing videos, the app comes with a section for everything related to YouTube, such as the playlists that you can create, while you may also add an appropriate subtitle.
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    You can use this library inside a.resx file using this method:

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    Main Features:
    – Works on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and others
    – Has a built-in preset list of archive types and you can add and remove additional file extensions, if needed
    – Built-in access to the archive manager
    – Works with 7Z, ACE, ZIP, RAR, LZMA, PAR, and other archive types
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